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SMi Group Reports


International Smart Grid Congress Asia 2011 will be held on 10th-13th, May, 2011



Happy New Year!


WGVC & OEDTC has succsessfully

organized in Oct. 2010 in Beijing


SMi Group Announces the Appointment of its New Chief Accounting Officer and...


Urban Transportation Division was successfully

launched under the background ofChina fast economy.

Very excellent!

We received so much projectand strategic

informationthrough a lot of

overseasexpertsexclusive presentation!

Learning much first-handand important

market information through

good presentation!

Senior Vice President, Welltec

It was very well organizedconference.

I really appreciate you and your

team's efforts for theconference.

Our stay was really very comfortable.

Sales Director, Panasonic

"Their corporate strategywork is the best

I haveseen in 20 years of working

with top PCO firms. Theyare original thinkers

witha challenging point of view."

Manager, GE Energy

“SMi Group has a uniquehighly disciplined

approachto strategic decision

making and worked closelywith our

management to tailor it to the business

situation and culture at RWE

Senior Vice President RWE Effizienz GmbH

"SMi Group did a great job for us. Their

strategic thinking isfinancially

disciplinedand they had a big

impacton our thinking and

decision-makingThey bring real clarity

to our focus on growing long-term value."

Marketing Manager, BMW

“SMi Group helped uschallenge ourselves

and build new capabilitiesand strategies

to manage for value


"SMi Group is differentfrom other

top-tier consultancies. They brought

their general managementperspective

and expertise as an important team member

working on our financialand business


CIO, Siemens China

“SMi Group has a uniqueand effective

approachin working with our leadership

team to sharpen its focuson value creation,

develop distinctive strategies and

build management capabilitiesand maximise

value. They aretrusted advisors in helping

us to win for the future.

Senior Executive Director, Roche

“Achieving distinctive performance is a

journey of learning. SMi Group

accelerates that journey.

Former Chairman and Former CEO, Lloyds TSB